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Naouak✅ @Naouak

Just finished Anerican Vandal season 2 : Holy shit!

Damn, Jessica Jones season 2 was so bad it's not even funny.

C'est parti pour le direct.

""" He also inflates his "github contributions" (ie commits) by going into repos and updating the package.json files to get all the latest versions and committing the changes one line at time. """

Holy shit, this person is literally satan.

@lain Reading the books and have watched around 20 episodes of the original OVA series.

@lain Honestly, the quality/price ratio seems to drop really fast with phones now. The sweetspot seems to be around 300 to 400€ nowadays.

iPhone Xs cost 4 times as much as my current phone and I have a mid to high range one. Wow.

Introducing iPhone Deezer.

I'm still in awe how Apple tries to sell stupid things like long press as a brand new technology.

Wow Jessica Jones have gone from a good first season to a really boring second one. I guess that's what happen when you don't know what to do of your characters.

Does anyone know if there exists a good place like a bar for coding in Paris? I would love to get somewhere with my computer, buy a drink then get to code in another atmosphere than home or work.

Beat Captain Toad at 99%ish (still a bonus level and beating the time but I'm not interested in those). Just in time for Torna release Friday. Only have 2 games in my switch backlog for now \o/

Internet is full of people with weird ways to think. Someone just told me that they hope I am not in software development because I think loosing a game save is not that bad and in computer sciences you back up everything.

I think segregation is like a drug to american and they are in full withdrawal.

If you put comments "first step/second step" in your code, I think you are doing something fundamentally wrong.

You know what's worse that php code by a php developer? php code by a developer from another language.

Just reading php code done by a go developer and damn this is complicated for not much because they kept reflex from go.

@aardrian The ads are not from Google AMP but the content publisher.

Conclusion: if you have anonymity, it's hard to moderate but you get freedom of opinion. If you have the opposite, identification, you get social pressure that doesn't give you a freedom of opinion.
In both case you get something bad but I think, choosing personally what is bad is better.