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Naouak✅ @Naouak

@bortzmeyer @genma Selon le lore du film, les mac d'apple sont en fait créés à partir de technologies alien.

Putain le solo c'est un gacha.

Donc le leak smash broute était faux lol.

@Madeorsk Le dark theme existe dans windows 10 depuis la release d'octobre si je ne m'abuse.

@Madeorsk full moddé ? Y'a quoi comme "mod" sur le screenshot ?

I love MarCel Cinematic Universe.

"async/await freed us from callback hell, but people have started abusing it — leading to the birth of async/await hell." Javascripts developers will be javascripts developers.

It seems that async/await is just a syntax made for people that don't understand what is functional programming.

Why do people only provides bad reasons for using async/await instead of Promises?

Just beat Valkyria Chronicles 4. Now I have to choose my next switch game... Octopath Travellers or TWEWY... hmmm.

I know that my phone number is available somewhere publicly but I don't have any idea where. I get phone calls from recruiters I've never met before and they all talk about my linked in profile which doesn't have any numbers...

TableTop Simulator has changed a lot in 3 years. It seems less funny now that there is scripts to automate everything :/

Finished reading the first novel covered by Index III and damn that was awesome. I need to catch up the anime now.

Is there any way to easily test an ActivityPub implementation?

@hakentrigger Les retours que j'ai eu disent que grossierement c'est comme la version mobile voire mieux. On notera que beacuoup de gens ont oublié que les controles de la version DS avaient aussi leur lot de trucs infâmes(genre controller neku ou les pins en cercles).

@hakentrigger L'OST original en haute qualité + remixé complétement fait de lui de base un must have.

Wow. Pixel Slate is doing all the mistakes the first surfaces had with the keyboard and the kickstand.

A season 3 for Railgun, An anime for Accelerator. DAMN, it is a good time for a fan of Toaru.

@animeirl It is not like some computers are using a TV as a monitor...