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@Madeorsk Imagine tu es fiché comme Nazi parce que tu as froissé des gens.

500 days of switch gaming. 800 hours of gameplay. I've spend around 2€ per day and each hour of gameplay cost me 1.30€. It seems a good deal so far and I still have a lot to play.

The 3DSecure app of my bank is called Wolf3DSecure. They got a gamer in their ranks.

OMG, Zombieland 2 has been greenlighted.

People are now being outright exclusionary using code of conduct. Those are the same people that told us that code of conduct are to make places more inclusive. Can we stop being shitty hypocrites and accept the fact that everyone can be a piece of shit discriminatory person?

So OSCON added a clause to their code of conduct saying that you should not exclude people because of their political beliefs in the tech conference. It seems to me right to say that you should not express your political beliefs in a tech conference.

Now they are people going batshit insane because of that clause saying that Republicans want them dead and that they should not be accepted in conferences.

What the fucking fuck?

Ok, we got a service interruption for 3 hours because my hoster failed to tell me that my invoices could not be paied and decided to lock my servers. Everything should be now back to normal.

À juger du bruit dans la rue, le pire est arrivé :/

Having played 3 hours of Shining Resonance, I now think that Valkyria Revolution was a shining game at the beginning.

Finally finished the crash bandicoot trilogy. I started those games on PS1 20 years ago and I finally beat them all with the remake on switch.

@hakentrigger C'est pas compliqué = ça a un coût non négligeable.
Pour te donner un exemple, j'ai des premières éditions de romans américains avec des pages blanches à la fin.

@hakentrigger Rien à voir du tout avec le fait que les bouquins sont en fait des collages de cahier d'un nombre de page prédéfini...

Twewy remix and Valkyria 4 will be released on the same week. That's the second time that Squenix and Sega release a game at the same time this year. They already have Octopath Travellers and Shining resonance in two weeks. How am I gonna find the time to play all this?

@thor The word you are looking for is projection.

@thatbrickster Yes, they have different use case and I would clearly favors protected when both can be used without any reason to use one over the other.

@thatbrickster I've been stucked with reimplementing huge parts of libraries because everything was private that I don't want people using my code to have to manage that. If a child class break because it use stupidly something protected, this is not a breaking change IMO.

@thatbrickster I think the opposite. I think you should put everything as protected unless you have a reason to put it private.

@thog Your default assumption then.

OOP question time.

Do you think we should put fields in a class as private or protected?
Explain why.

Composer has the weirdest quirks.

You want to add a dependency, it tells you "I can't".

You delete your downloaded packages and add the same dependency again. It works.