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Naouak✅ @Naouak

A season 3 for Railgun, An anime for Accelerator. DAMN, it is a good time for a fan of Toaru.

@animeirl It is not like some computers are using a TV as a monitor...

@animeirl WelL then, I don't have any excuse for ineptitude.

@animeirl If they use vsync(as it should for a desktop env), then they should expect a signal from gpu that a new frame buffer is available for drawing.

@animeirl Your graphics driver will be the one responsible for outputting on the screen. It should be it that tells the desktop environment how often it can refresh.

@animeirl Shouldn't that be a task for graphical driver instead of desktop environment?

Oh ! Scaleway has added a S3 like storage !

Fun fact : Contributor Convenant is failing to apply its own code of conduct by letting Coraline Ada contribute.

I don't know who you are Christoph, but I have a feeling I would like you :

Sidekiq finished doing all the enqueued jobs. I need to find a way to monitor it other than docker ps.

It seems there was a surge of sidekiq jobs two days ago and the killed sidekiq. Docker thought that sidekiq was still running though.

I'm getting nothing for the last 22hours. strange.

Just finished Anerican Vandal season 2 : Holy shit!

Damn, Jessica Jones season 2 was so bad it's not even funny.

C'est parti pour le direct.

""" He also inflates his "github contributions" (ie commits) by going into repos and updating the package.json files to get all the latest versions and committing the changes one line at time. """

Holy shit, this person is literally satan.

@lain Reading the books and have watched around 20 episodes of the original OVA series.

@lain Honestly, the quality/price ratio seems to drop really fast with phones now. The sweetspot seems to be around 300 to 400€ nowadays.

iPhone Xs cost 4 times as much as my current phone and I have a mid to high range one. Wow.

Introducing iPhone Deezer.